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Crypto Trap
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Enjoy playing a
blockchain-powered game
with your friends

Invite your friends to find who got the best strategy!

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What is game about?

One day EUPH Coin was walking along the green field and was trying hard to climb up the green hill called “Market”, but on a clear and wonderful day, Coin met Piggy Bank who loved to collect coins walking along the green meadow… Help EUPH Coin escape from Piggy Bank and get to the Moon or vice versa, catch EUPH Coin and make Piggy Bank the richest on the Field!
  • Crypto Trap Game is a simple and exciting blockchain-based web game, which allows users to play peer-to-peer. The game consists of a board with colored cells, Piggy Bank, and Coin.
  • The goal of the game for users, playing for Coin, is to escape from the field and not let Piggy Bank catch Coin.

For users playing for Piggy Bank, the goal is to catch Coin.


Ranking List

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Crypto Trap Game Features


You can compete with friends by playing against each other


The game is built on the blockchain thus, the results are fully transparent


Straightforward interface is highly engaging and easy to navigate

Play free

You can play for free or earn some money playing with your friends!

How To Earn

There is one mode where you just try the game and play for free; and the second mode where you can play with EUPH tokens by entering the amount you want to play on and compete for the real EUPH coin. Once the round is finished, the player that wins takes all the money.

01. Connect Metamask

Download Metamask, create wallet and connect it
to Euphoria Games


02. Import EUPH

Import your EUPH tokens into your


03. Swap BUSD/EUPH

You can swap tokens at the top of the
Main page in our platform

swapSwap Tokensbnb

04. Add Funds

Deposit needed amount to your
gaming balance


05. Enter a bet and start playing!

Enter the amount that you to play on and get started!


Crypto Trap Game Rules

Playing for Piggy Bank the goal is to catch Coin by coloring the cells. Piggy bank can step on any available part of the map, making it not available for the rest of the round. Escape from Piggy Bank and don’t let him catch you if you play for Coin. In order to win, Coin needs to leave the map, stepping on a green cell. Coin can only step on one of the cells around per move.

piggy bankYou can make only one step during your turn.

cupUse your strategy and become the winner!

Private Lobbies

There are Private Lobbies where you can play peer-to-peer with your friend by sharing the lobby code and Public where users from all around the world can play with each other by clicking a button!
Opponents get found automatically.

Standart Lobby Rounds
Private Lobby Rounds
1, 3, 5, 7

Every round starts with 10 to 16 randomly chosen destroyed cells. In order to play for EUPH, you need to go through a couple of easy steps

1)Get EUPH either on our platform or directly through Pancake Swap. EUPH coin is available for BUSD

2)Deposit some EUPH from your Metamask wallet to the game balance.

Deposit and withdrawal are available on the user profile page or through Euphoria wallet on our website.
Ranking list. In order to get into the ranking list, users have to play for EUPH with random people. Random opponents get found when clicking “Play now” on the main page. Free games do not get counted. The number of game wins is the main criteria in the ranking list. Try to get to the top!

How to become the winner?

  • “Consistency is the key” as they say, so the most effective way to win is through practicing and gaining your skill!
  • Also, “don’t let them know your next move”, try to be unpredictable, don’t build long barricades, and follow your strategy! Good luck!
  • Let’s start playing Crypto Trap Game and see who will become the most successful player!